antChapin Memorial Beach, which was previously known as Black Flats for its black sands and extensive tidal flats, was named in honor of George H. Chapin, a real estate developer who donated the land to the Town after World War II. Chase Garden Creek empties into Cape Cod Bay at Chapin Beach, and serves as a boundary between Dennis and Yarmouth. It was named for the Chase family, settlers who were on the Cape by 1638.
The area leading to Chapin Beach has alternatively been known as Little Italy and Little Taunton for the Italian immigrants who came by way of Taunton, Massachusetts in the late 1800s to build the railroad on Cape Cod. Many streets in the area, such as Squadrilli Way, Dr. Boterro Road, Spadoni Road, and Angelo Road, as well as Lombardi
Heights, were named for Italians.
Corporation Beach, which is also sometimes called Nobscussett Beach, was named for the Nobscussett Point Pier Corporation. It is located on the east side of Nobscusset Point. There was once an Indian village at Nobscussett Point and Harbor,
Mayflower Beach was acquired by the Town in 1977 by eminent domain.
The Town of Denniswas originally the eastern part of Yarmouth and was
settled simultaneously with that town, founded in 1639. Dennis became
aseparate town in 1793 and took the name of the first minister of the
East Yarmouth Parish, the Rev. Josiah Dennis. who owned,the Brewster Grist mill
business in Brewster. in 1837 there were 60 salt works on the beaches. Small windmills pumped water into a succession of large vats.

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